Alimentamente aims to reflect on our eating
habits through conscious culinary practices.
Food is our central axis, and culinary, our
educational tool.

Through the cookery of exclusively vegan
recipes in practical classes, we work with
transdisciplinary themes related to food and

Our ingredients are fresh, organic and
agroecological, originated from family based


We believe that everyone can (and should) cook, and in that way contribute to life on our planet.

Culinary is our pathway to bring to light conscious food consumption: good for those who produce it, for those who eat it  and for the world.  


Onaldo e Luiza are Biologists and Educators graduated by UFRJ, and coordinate  Alimentamente.

The staff also includes other education and support professionals. 

To be updated abour our activities and news.


If  you have any inquires or wish to know a bit more about us, please get in touch.
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